Here’s another interesting concise read on the topic of standardized testing by Gallup’s Director of Educational Research, Brandon Busteed. A snippet below:

“Gallup’s work on strengths development has shown that every human on the planet has a unique talent signature — like a fingerprint. And we’ve found that each person’s success is best determined by how well they leverage their unique talents on a daily basis. Not by trying to be the same as others. And not by trying to “fix their weaknesses.”

As a parent, I want my kids to be uncommon, not common. I want them to be unique, not the same. I want them to discover different solutions to the problem, as opposed to the same answer. As an education expert, I want my country to espouse the same. America’s economy is fundamentally about entrepreneurship — boldly and bravely striking out in new directions. But we have lost sight of that in our schools and colleges. We have a system that encourages the opposite — working within narrowly defined rules, teaching to the test and we are ultimately aiming at standardized answers and outcomes.

To be clear, this is not to suggest that we wholesale abandon standardized testing. These tests should be part of a much more balanced scorecard that includes many other more important measures. But we do need to greatly deemphasize the role these assessments currently play.”     What do you think?  You can link to the full article below.


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