The ARTS connect our students to school


arts_collageI am a HUGE proponent of the Arts, and believe that our schools’ commitment to the Fine and Performing Arts is a large part of what makes them great.  Our District’s core mission must include maximizing student engagement, and supporting every student’s passion—the Fine Arts, Performing Arts, athletics and student government all fit within our core mission and are critical to our students’ personal growth.  Each year it seems that there are dozens of kids from HP and DHS that are accepted into some of the premier film, dance, theater, choral, and music programs at among the most prestigious universities and academies throughout the country.  I believe that we have evolved well beyond the notion that the Arts are not an essential aspect of the high school experience for a significant segment of our students, and a very real career path for many of our kids.  I will tirelessly support the Arts in District 113.

Just as we seek to attract the best teachers and Department Heads for other subjects, we must find a way to serve our students who are committed to the Arts with the best band, orchestra, chorus and theater leaders.  And our goals with respect to class sizes should be the same for classes in the Arts as they are for most any subject.  Staffing and class size issues and solutions not always be easy (or optimal), but in this age of technology, we should be able to cooperate to find creative workable solutions to meet the needs of our students and still maintain our obligations to our tax payers to be fiscally responsible.  

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