Register to Vote!

201504552463d716b41Historically, mid-term elections are marked by low turnout.  Literally, therefore, EVERY VOTE COUNTS.  Are you registered to vote?

You can check or verify your Voter Registration status on the County Clerk’s Voter Power page.

If you are not registered, then get registered–it couldn’t be easier.

First, you can register in person at the Lake County Clerk’s office, 18 N. County St, Room 101, Waukegan, Illinois.  847-377-2410.  Registration is open all year throughout the County except the process changes during the 27 days preceding an election (for next election, that date is March 8th).  A voter who registers within the 27 day period must vote at the time of registration. Hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm.

Second, you can register in person at your local municipal or township office and other local agencies.  Here’s a list of all the local offices  in Lake County at which you can register.

You can even register by mail, but if you do, you MUST vote in person the first time you vote, either at the polling place or early voting location (no voting by mail).  To register by mail, follow this link

Finally, even after all of the referenced deadlines, there is still a Grace Period Voter Registration.  You can register in person (starting March 20th) at your Early Voting Site, or even register in person on election day at your polling place.

The bottom line, there is no excuse for not registering and voting.

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