“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.” ― Joseph Joubert

10712687_464800110334918_3004277402205593519_o-1Our District’s recent history has made one thing abundantly clear–we simply cannot afford to have a Board of Education that remains insulated from its constituents, that is resistant to new ideas, and that refuses to question our Superintendent for fear of being “disrespectful” or labeled “micro-managers.” I am committed to promoting dialogue and debate of the major issues facing our District.

I believe that our Board must re-engage with all of its constituents—students, parents, faculty, administration, and the community at large. This is your District and your voices deserve to be heard. I am committed to a leadership philosophy of inclusion, and pledge to be accessible and available to you and to promote a governance model that is accountable to you.

I also believe that effective leadership starts with a decision-making process that is built on best practices in governance. The Board cannot simply rubber-stamp its way to excellence, but rather, the path to excellence begins with leadership that values and promotes dialogue, discussion and debate.

We may not always agree on the answers or the approach, but I am committed to encouraging and listening to bold new ideas and rigorous debate of the issues.

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