Numbers of AP Test-Takers and AP Test Scores Continue to Rise


The link below is to an article in Education Week about the rising number of AP test takers, fueled in part by the surge in low income students taking AP exams.

What is especially encouraging is the fact that the average scores on all AP exams has held steady or improved even as more students have taken the tests.

But the article cautions that those numbers could drop among low income students based upon uncertainty in federal funding.  The dedicated federal grant program that had been developed specifically to subsidize AP tests for low-income students was replaced in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) by a block-grant program that allows but does not require that those funds be used to subsidize tests.

As a  District, I believe that we owe ALL of our students the opportunity to achieve, and will fight to make sure that we continue to subsidize AP tests among other programs for our students.

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