Sometimes, you need to do more than just think “outside the box”—sometimes you need to get rid of the box

Come next fall, we will have an entirely new leadership team at the Dishow to think outside the boxtrict Administration level, and new (or newish) principals at both DHS and HPHS.  With that wholesale change at the top comes a real and unique opportunity to challenge the status quo on many levels.  We need to ensure that we have elected a School Board that will guide and empower our District’s new leaders to think boldly and creatively about the future of our District and our schools, rather than tether them to stale conventions, and stagnant philosophies of yesterday.

District 113 must learn from the past, not live in the past.

Make no mistake about it–changing any organization’s culture and engrained behaviors is not easy. It takes committed leadership to reject conventions and norms, to look past “the way we’ve always done it” and identify a better way towards being the organization that we want to become.

I am committed to innovation and a leadership style that will find ways to say “YES” to the best and brightest ideas and ideals.



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