The need for more Interdisciplinary Studies: “Monolithic learning doesn’t prepare students for our complex world”

v36-24-op-4-300x250-gettyTake a few moments to read this commentary in Education Week titled “The Unmet Need for Interdisciplinary Education.” (link below)  When I have spoken to teachers in our District, many have passionately echoed the same sentiment, but have been frustrated when they have tried to make it happen because the incremental costs associated with interdisciplinary studies presents challenges, unless the class size is large enough (but not too large) to justify the expense.    

I firmly agree with the author.  In my view, interdisciplinary studies is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity for a 21st century high school education.  I cannot say it enough–we need more collaboration, both with our teachers and between our teachers.  And if this is what ignites the passions of our teachers, then we must find ways to say “yes” to more and more interdisciplinary studies (and I have ideas about how we can do so within our budget).   Simply stated, passionate teachers are critical to promoting student engagement, achievement and personal growth.  This should be the foundation of our District’s education mission.

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