Hey Recent District 113 Grads and HS Seniors: IT’S YOUR TIME TO VOTE!

MarchElectionJ14cHEY! Recent #HPHS and #DHS grads—are you planning to VOTE?

HEY! Members of the #Classof2017 who have already turned 18—are you prepared to VOTE for the first time?

As recent or soon to be graduates, you should care as much as anyone about the future of your Alma Mater!  The upcoming #District113 School Board election is important, and EVERY VOTE COUNTS!   Make your voice heard! 

If you are or will be home between now and Sat., April 1st, then you can go to the HP Police Department (Mon-Sat) where you can register AND vote at the same time.  Easy right?

Even if you are away at school, you can still vote by mail (but only if you are registered).  If you are registered, you can request a ballot by mail by completing the form following this LINK:  http://www.lakecountyil.gov/DocumentCenter/View/982

Or you can request a ballot by email by following the link below, entering your name and house number (street address without the street name), and then clicking on the box titled “Request a Ballot by Mail.”   https://www.lakecountyil.gov/351/Voter-Power

But don’t delay…Your request for a ballot must be received by NOON on March 30th and your completed ballot must be mailed (post marked) no later than April 4th.

OK, maybe voting by mail is not so easy, but it’s a breeze compared to Honors Physics or AP US History, right?  Bottom line, there’s no excuse not to #VOTE.

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