My Platform

I pledge to represent and work in collaboration with our teachers, Superintendent and District Administration to establish goals, policies and provide leadership designed to foster educational excellence and equal opportunity for all students within the District.

I pledge to faithfully serve as a guardian of taxpayer funds, and pursue educational excellence within the District’s fiscal limits and constraints. Increased taxes should not drive our District’s long term vision, or serve as a crutch to avoid having to make prudent but difficult decisions.

I pledge to engage with our teachers, faculty, staff, students, parents/guardians, and the community at large, to ensure that I remain informed regarding their respective ideas and concerns, and so that I can adequately represent their interests, and build consensus for major decisions.

I pledge to listen to all voices, to be direct, candid, accessible and transparent, and will work to lead the Board’s efforts to improve the quality and quantity of its communications with its constituents.